Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The land is ours

A shortish progress update... we're now the proud owners of 660m2 of Alpine meadow, with a schoen aufsicht, whatever that means. Seeing as building land's like hen's teeth in Kanton Zurich, it seemed prudent to buy the bloody land sharpish and worry about the building phase as a second step.

(continues below...)

We immediately went to check it out, of course. The land is literally the corner of a large belt of sloping grazing land, and when we went to visit it straight after signing up, we saw that the local farmer had fertilized it along with the rest, cheeky sod, so that the grass will grow up all good and strong for his soddin' cows to chomp on.


Still, there's something nice about Swiss cows, 'cos even in this day and age they all wear their dingy-dongy bells, and it's pretty easy for a blind man to know he's in the Swiss countryside 'cos of the dong-dong-dong sounds, and the smell of cowsh1t. And the singing as some do-gooder Heidi skips through the flowery meadows nearby.

Very different in Winter, of course, as the cows hibernate, and the Heidis migrate south to New Zealand, where they work as Black Beauty extras. "What's that, Black Beauty? The bridge's collapsing? Gee, we need a ride, let me get on yer back!"

Suppose that was an advantage of Black Beauty; built in emergency transportation. No point in putting a saddle of Lassie or Skippy, although I imagine Skippy probably had a pouch somewhere.

Hmm, farm animals. Will have to introduce a fence betwixt garden and grazing land when all's up and built. That'll be ok. But it might be a problem during the building phase. Bad enough after they've dug out the foundations to find large pools of water and broken children at the bottom, but a herd of cows could really scupper the schedule.

Will have to instruct the camp guards to shoot all cows on sight. Will keep 'em alert, clear the guns, and serve as a warning to the prisoners...erm, to the construction workers.

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