Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update to the update on the parking situation

Email back from nice neighbour regarding the parking situation. It turns out that he's not all that fussed on retaining his secondary parking space after all, so if it's alright with us, we can forget the whole thing.

Erm, ok.

Seems he wants to use this area of his land more for pretty flowers than as a bit of extra parking, and that I think we can all empathise with. It's just a shame we didn't know a month or so earlier, as all the discussions and compromising that's been going on's pretty much delayed construction of our parking area by a couple of weeks at the very least. The landscaper chappie's dubious if he can now get this this bit finished before the winter snows inevitably descend upon us. Buggah it. But then we might be very lucky, who knows.

On a brighter note, landscaping chappie commences with the construction of our final final final main steps solution, and also with the external floor tiling around our house entrance. That means that by the end of the week we can safely get in and out of the house without crossing ankle deep patches of raw mud. That'll be a real morale boost for all concerned.

Update on that Dastardly Bob Salmon's blog: his house is up, and as usual with these Huf Haus people, nicely on time. Looks very nice too. We'll wait for him to confirm which model number it actually is, but to my untrained eye, it looks like a standardish 3.06.30. Very handsome indeed. We'll let him confirm or deny, eh?

Tomorrow we have the second of our regular meets with the Huf Haus representative. Will try to listen more carefully to what he has to say, but to be honest it's hard not to get distracted gazing at stuff when yer get a wee chance to have a sniff about inside. One's been led to believe we'll be getting our own key tomorrow, so we can make our own raids at the weekend, rather than pressing our noses to cold glass windows. Good-oh.

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