Tuesday, February 27, 2007

48 hours to final handover

So, it's the Tuesday before the final handover on Thursday, and we had an appointment to go and see the nice Huf Haus waterworks bloke.

When we arrived, we could see a little more progress on the grinds, but as there'd been a few days rain that was more than we could have hoped for. Anyways, landscapers were beavering away on the paving stones for the driveway. (sigh) And there's a story behind all this.

Actually, two stories:

The whopping big stone wall wot acts as a bastion against the few hundred tonnes of earth that's underneath our parking area had moved a wee bit, one dark and stormy night. (gulp) The landscaping boss man had noticed something not quite right, called in his troops, and basically rebuilt the wall quietly one day. Gratis, of course. However, the bloody big digger that they use for moving half tonne granite blocks about had stirred up the beautifully lain paving stones on the parking area. Soooooo, the landscaping bods were busy repaving the driveway.

And then there's the second story. It could be that our driveway might be a few centimetres too narrow to park our two cars side by side. They can definitely park sidish by sidish, which is a start. However, anyone with a bit of exposure to the sidish parking concept will instinctively know the implications: last in first out, first in last out. We'll be forever having to let each other out. Buggah. I had a go with the lads there to see if they could squeeze an extra 10cm width out of the driveway, and they agreed. However, even then there're no guarantees.

Back to the house...

So this is the nice Huf Haus water bloke that we met up with. The photo's a bit unkind 'cos it looks like he's superglued his hand to his head. Not so. He's busy negotiating or confirming something or other that Claudia asked him. What that something was will forever remain a mystery 'cos I was busy gawping at stuff.

After the clear floors, and general emptiness of the house during the laying of the parquet flooring, it was a shock to see the bloody mess was back. Well, to be fair, most of the bloody mess was protecting our expensive wood flooring from collateral damage.

Nice bloke whisked us from bathroom to bathroom; this towel rail goes here, this loo roll holder goes there... hmm, where should we have the heated towel rail thingy? And the bog brush holder (a magnificent chrome-plated affair, so far too posh to clean bogs with)? Anyways, that kind of trivial, but ultimately important final final decision stuff.

Well, choices made, and toolbox at the ready.

A bit of drilling later (while we were outside negotiating with the landscapers) and we were ready for an early water-works handover. All, of course, present and correct. Bath? Check. Shower? Check. Shower cabinet? Arrived later this week. Bog? Check. And then a tour of the underfloor heating system in rapid fire german. Fortunately, my wife's fluent. Unfortunately, my wife is incapable of remembering anything remotely technical. Fortunately, we were handed the operations manual. Unfortunately, in german. Hmm. So I'll figure it out anyway. Reading the manual's a sign of weakness, anyway.

More tours down the Keller where... oh... where did that fluorescent light comes from? All part of the Huf Haus package sir. Great, so only 44 more to put up. Anyways, a further tour of the various pipes and stopcocks, inside and outside.

Job done.

Claudia signed the paperwork (for my maximum deniability later, heh heh heh) and the waterworks bloke's nicely setup for an early trip back to Germany, one assumes. Really great bloke, I must say.

In parallel, another Huf Haus bloke was busily hanging doors on hinges and a few other bits and bobs. And the final details of our house, if we could have seen beyond the bloody mess, were coming together. Skirting boards, bezels for the various light switches and plug sockets, a strip of wood here, a bit of something else there. Yer turn a tap and water comes out. A miracle! Yer turn a knob and the electric shutters descend like something out of... of... well, out of a Huf Haus.

Hands shaken, and off we went.

Thursday's the final handover date.



Wow wow wowsy wow.

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