Sunday, June 03, 2007

A little bit greener...

Another deluge of photos... taken about 11am in the morning, so the sun hasn't had time to come around yet.


Dany said...

C'mon, giv us more pix and updates!

Ric Capucho said...

Oh ok... been a bit busy these days...

Julie & Toby said...

Hi Ric
We are also looking into Huf Hauses. Did you consider other builders e.g. DaVinci? If yes, why did you choose Huf? Thanks...Julie and Toby
PS: If you don't like to answer here we will be happy to give you our eMail. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie&Toby, Danny here,

sorry to intervene.

go and have a look at the Musterhauses of the different firms offering this Bauweise, and youre bound to see, that HUF is absolutely the Rolls of Fachwerkhaus.

DaVinci are close behind, and are just as professional, but several little details (HUF's glas strip above the big windows of the groundfloor "schwebende Decke" etc.) do add up to a big difference in the feeling you get.

Im not neccesarily saying HUF is superior to DaVinci, they are different. DaVinci tends to be a bit vivid to my taste of colors.

At least get the "BIG Planungsordner" from both firms, and spend sleepless nights reading them, like me and my wife Edit have been doing for the last 3 years.

Ric Capucho said...

Mr Anon answered it nicely.

There are plenty of German-sourced kit houses here in Switzerland, so yer don't have to do too much research to make a comparison. We felt that the Huf Haus had a clear quality advantage, although the potential cost saving would have come in handy.

Anyways, we'd already fallen for Huf Haus, so there.


p.s. Is that yoooo Mr CPTN?

Julie & Toby said...

Hi Ric and Danny,

Julie here....We are definitely spending hours going over the binders. We went first to the Muster House near Zurich for Huf and then last weekend for our wedding anniversary went to Poing near Munich. We saw Huf, Davinci, Platz, Werkhaus.... You men are so romantic.

We agree that Huf details do seem to make them a front runner, but Davinci is also nice. In the books, Davinci's floor plans seem to be more "space economical", while Huf's get quite big. Obviously with both, plans are quite flexible.

When you speak of quality, is there anything in particular you could mention (i.e. touch ups, kitchens, carpet quality etc).

We would be possibly looking to build in 2008, so we have plenty of time yet to think.

HufHaus2014 said...

Hi Ric, thanks for the very interesting blog. We are nearly finished with our HUF Haus and we like your mailbox. Can I ask you, where did you get it? Regards, Oliver