Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A quick update in lieu of the pickies. I'm still waiting for a decent enough day to venture out with the camera, but the weather continues to suck.

The fence people have done their stuff. One day they came to set the metal posts in concrete, then a week passed and we returned one evening to find the steel cable fence complete, and also a short stretch of very Formula 1 looking armco.

All's well.

The cable fence looks a bit, erm, industrial with steel posts and ten rows of ultra-tight steel cable. It's set amidst the hedge-to-be, which is still a very gappy affair - the odd branch and twig with a leaf or two. Once it all thickens up over the next year or so, the fence'll disappear entirely methinks.

The armco is something else entirely. My word, 'industrial' is too wimpy a word for it. It's about three metres long, with rounded ends in case an articulated lorry hits it end on. My money'd be on this armco even so, let me tell yer. We've always been a bit nervous about that two metre drop on the down-slope side of the parking entrance. At the bottom of the drop's the kitchen corner of the house, and the nightmare scenario has been the nose of some ice-skating car crashing throught the kitchen window one snowy evening. Quite apart from the big structural risk to the corner of the house, plus the written off car, not to mention the crushed kitchen and a half-cooked family dinner, there's also the look of surprise on the car's occupants to take into account.

It would have been a very bad day.

Anyways, this armco's just the ticket, and unless that car belongs to Claudia or me, (eek, the likeliest scenario), then bring it on, I say.


Ray Page said...

Hey Ric! Ennit about time you gave your fans another update and pic fix? The withdrawal symtoms are agony!

Ray Page

Ric Capucho said...

Whoops, on their way...