Saturday, December 01, 2007

A few more photos

Still feeling a bit guilty that I've rather neglected you lot for the last few months. Anyways, here're a few more photos that I took this morning - as the snow's gone (for now) you'll get a better butchers of the current state of affairs.

Note the posh Biohort shed - aluminium, and bloody great. Bought a matching aluminium box for the outside cushions and sun-loungers. Also note the posh postbox, aluminium, and bloody great. I think we might have an aluminium thing going on... oh no, that soddin' great armco's made out of steel. As yet there's no paint on it, but I reckon it'll collect it's first ding sometime this winter.

Couldn't resist the temptation to take a nerdy photo of the snow-thrower thingy. Nice colour innit?

I think the photos also capture the progress in the garden quite nicely. The earth is there simply 'cos the gardener came last week and hoicked out the weeds - leaving plenty of gaps between the plants. Prior to that the whole area was a sea of green. Oh, and you'll see our infamous weed patch. Going to break someone's back to weed that lot out again. Broke mine last summer, so not doing it again.

Oh, and the full splendor of our wooden decking/terrace. Well, fullish 'cos it is winter. Discussion with Frau Capucho this morning on that very subject - we built a huge one, but we're very glad we did. Now looking forwards to endless summers with the kids on one side, and Claudia and I on t'other with a glass of wine each.

And that's that for now...

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