Friday, November 13, 2009

Any questions?

Hi World,

Well, our Huf Haus has been complete for well over two and a half years, and therefore you shouldn't expect too many updates going forward. Or going backwards, either.

Anyways, I'll probably add a post or none each year as and when our car port (finally) gets built, and the garden (finally) gets terraced. However, all such home improvements are subject to the size of my annual bonus... which is subject to the performance of the financial markets... which are subject to the competence of the investment bankers.

So not much bonus expected then, hence no improvements, hence nowt to write about.

Anyways, I've received a couple of Huf-related emails recently, and both queries mentioned what a buggah it was to track down my email address. Hmm, I think the difficulty was the point. Can't receive too few emails, eh?

So here's the official Capucho Query Policy: assuming yer not too shy, then write yer queries as "comments" against this post like wot everyone else does. If your query is a bit too much of a private nature for public consumption (yer planning an S&M dungeon in yer Huf Haus cellar, or whatever) then the unofficial Capucho Query Policy is to email me directly at ric.capucho(at)gmail(dot)com.

Regards to All,
Update, October 2012. I'm up and blogging again, so forget all this farewell nonsense...


Chris said...


Good to see you back. We exchanged 'comments' (July last year) re air-source heating - and Adliswil.

We're now going for a ground-source heat pump, and preparation for the later installation of photovoltaic panels.

I hope that the pleasure of living in your new house has not diminished over time.

In our case, the investment bankers (and those in certain governments and central banks) have screwed up the timing somewhat, but we are still going ahead with ours a year from now. It will be modelled on the grey one at Hartenfels, with an underground basement as you have.

The house itself is more or less sorted, but we have still to arrange the kitchen (leaning to Siematic) and lighting throughout the house.

I seem to recall that you had two larger windows put in the finished area of your basement. We have planned to have one hinge/tilt window (1 metre x 1 metre approx).

On the assumption that your windows are of a similar size, is the amount of light they let in adequate - particularly in the darkness of winter?

Your blog has been a thoroughly enjoyable read, and has helped us enormously. I owe you a couple of beers when next in Adliswil!


Ric Capucho said...

Hi Chris,

Funnily enough we had visitors recently who're also going to build the Hartenfels grey house - and have even chosen to go with the grey colour, as opposed to the default (in Switzerland) white. I've a feeling that soon enough the Huf people'll just add the grey house design to their standard catalogue and have done with it.

Glad to hear you're going for the ground-based sonde heat-pump. We'd have done the same if the ground under our house had been more conducive to it. The adventures of our neighbours who recently installed just such a system highlighted that the local Gemeinde really did have a point that the local moraine isn't up to it; the boring machine broke three times, and two of the knackered drill-heads're still some 80 metres beneath his house... and will presumably be still there when the next ice age cometh.

Lemme know how you get on with those photovoltaics... assuming you get them before we do.

The dounble windows in our cellar let in plenty of light even though they're (horror of horrors) north-facing. I wouldn't say you have to wear sunglasses down there, but surprisingly enough for what we need it for (office). If that tilt windows of yours faces south, and more importantly has more of a "cut" in t'ground then you'll get even more light, I'm sure.

And of course beers is always welcome.


Dan said...

Hey Ric,

our HUF-project is going slooowly, due to financial reasons at the moment...

Still trying to get some info on how much energy it takes to keep a HUF-Haus warm.

Can you give me a number of how much kWh electricity your heat pump has consumed since it was built in? Just read the dial on the electricity counter ;)


Robert said...

Hi Ric,

I'm seriously thinking about taking the leap into a Huf, especially now they have a Norwegian office. So my question since energy in this god cursed country is crazy high, how efficient is a Huf, I wonder about heat leckage from all those windows.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ric,

now that you have "lived" the house, how would you rate "sound insulation" in a Huf Haus, compared to a traditional house? a) across walls, b) across levels.


Mark Richards said...

Hi Ric,
Where is your Huf located - anywhere near any skiing?! We have a lovely new huf built overlooking the world heritage jurassic coast in Dorset UK that is a holiday home, so may be interested in a weeks home swap if was ever of any interest to you?




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