Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another shitty day in paradise

After the photo famine comes the feast...


Pete in Jersey channel islands said...

Hi Rick,

Great photos. I've been following your blog with real interest. Fantastic house, you must be very chuffed indeed.

My own Huf Compendium (or, as it is now known in our house, Huf Porn) arrived yesterday, complete with a copy of the Grand Designs DVD - interactive Huf Porn! I spent most of the night reading it.

Now, if only my plot were just 3m wider...decisions, decisions... :-)

Pete said...

Sorry, meant "Ric" not "Rick". Apologies!

Ric Capucho said...

Hi Pete,

Yep, we're chuffed to mintballs.

Have fun running through the Huf Porn. Do you already have your plot? If so, then it won't take you long to select a basic design; it's the myriad adjustments that take the time... and suck yer dry if you're not too careful. I remember posting some time ago a comment on the lines that the final bill for the extras is mainly down to our own discipline.

If you haven't got a plot, then try to keep in mind that whatever floor plans you like the look of now will be chucked over yer shoulder as soon as yer see the lie of the land.

Hmm, need to figure out where I can get a copy of the Grand Designs DVD. Did Huf UK send it to yer?


pete said...

Hi Ric, yes, Huf UK sent me the Grand Designs DVD with the compendium, which itself was £25. Far too plush to just give 'em away!

I do have a long, narrow, awkward plot with a perfectly serviceable but strangely shaped 60's bungalow on it. I had hoped that the floorplans would show how I could make much better use of my plot. My conclusion is that my Huf dream should go on hold for a while, until I'm able to find a more appropriate plot.

I remember well your tip along the lines of "get your plot, then design the house around it" and also how low the conversion rate of aspirational buyers to actual owners is, given the scarcity of plots.

Anyway, happy huffing, I'm off to look at the Huf compendium again...

Ray Page said...

Hi Ric,
Did you try the baby oil on the stainless steel yet?

Loved the deluge, you looked very pleased with yourself in the hall mirror. How about that chocolate box view from the bedroom window? Mother Nature couldn't have done you any prouder with the snow effects. I showed a pal your pics and he said living in a Huf Haus could put ten years on your life.

You've just started the dream, I've no doubt that you'll enjoy.

Thanks for sharing the start of your dream. I look forward to your next post

Best Regards

Ric Capucho said...

Hi Ray,

Baby Oil experiment not attempted quite yet. Claudia's been polishing the bloody stainless steel work surfaces with the diligence of a victorian scullery maid. To great effect, I must add, although the likewise elbow grease applied by our weekly colombian cleaner lady put even those effort to shame.

Can't recommend a colombian cleaning lady highly enough. Very diligent indeed, and very very fast. Rapid. Manic, even. Heh heh heh. Her english ain't the best though.