Friday, October 06, 2006

A brief update...

Both of our internal design crises have been solved.

We've moved the windows in the Keller to t'other side of the house entirely. Yes, that does mean we don't have a view of the Swiss fjords from that Keller room, and the windows will be more of a light-channel than anything; the Keller windows will be located under the side of the house that already has solid walls (no glass above 'em) so problemo solved. However, there are two knock-on effects that we're really rather pleased with: the two floor-to-ceiling windows that had been placed on the risk register have now been deemed by the Huf people as being okey-dokey; and the general look of the house has improved, 'cos now it'll look more like yer classical Huf Haus. Good-o. And we'll now have room for two of those chain-like drain pipe thingies with round thingies on the ground to soak up the run-off rain water, so that's three knock-on effects. Dunno what they're called in German, English or Swahili but I know wot I mean.

Hmm, I should really revisit the previous paragraph, but to be frank I really can't be arsed.

Anyways, the picture below shows yer what I mean...

(continued below)

Where was I?

And the bathroom mirror? Well, we've cleverly solved that by, erm, not having one for now. We'll easily see what sort of mirror unit we'll need to fill the mirror unit sized hole, once the house is up and the bathroom nailed in.

And progress?

Well, the Keller arrives the week after next (eek! wow! gasp! cough!). The Huf Haus people definitely said (in writing, so it must be trooooooo) it'll come in week 42. A tap tap tappity tap on my Palm Pilot confirms that the Americans believe week 42 to be the week after next. But I have a nagging feeling that them Germans use the metric week numbering system (50 weeks in a year) so it might be the week after that. Daft, I know, but I hardly dare ask.

The weather's been a bit on/off this week, with plenty of raindrops on Sunday and Monday, and a few more yesterday. A glance out of the window just now confirms that the Zurich outlook is dry for at least the next day or so. Phew.

A little more information regarding our parking area: Herr Arkitekt's updated the ground leveling plans to incorporate his ideas for wot our neighbour should do to be able to continue to park his car on his land (via our sodding land). Looks reasonable to me, but maybe not to Herr Neighbour. He'll have to cut a half metre slot into the land under and around his parking area so that it'll be on a similar level to our parking area. Either that or buy a Hummer. No feedback yet, but I don't see him having much of a choice. I really hope he'll be satisfied anyway, 'cos it'll be better for all and sundry if he's a happy bunny.

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