Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Hole

Well, at the end of the previous week there was a sizable hole on our land, but that's nothing in comparision with the state of play at the end of yesterday.

Have a butchers...

(continued below...)

...erm, see what I mean? The hole has become THE HOLE, or The Hole to its friends.

Yes, our land is now composed mainly of air and shadows, 'cos the earth that formerly occupied the spot is now heaped on the farmer's field (God bless him). The walls of The Hole have been lined with concrete except for a three metre (10 foot) strip along the top which is still bare earth covered in plastic sheeting to keep it nice and dry. You'll see from the photo that the bottom of The Hole's also concrete lined. Not sure why, 'cos the Keller floor will be about 2-3 metres higher than the base of The Hole, so I imagine rather a lot of that earth needs to go back in, once the concrete's nice and dry.

Hmm, I think you'll agree that the technicalities of this operation are somewhat beyond me.

The digger's gone, which worries me a little. Could it be entombed beneath all that concrete? Or did the farmer nick it? Your guess is as good as mine.

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