Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 2 build - Raining cats and dogs

Woke up this morning to torrential rain.

Claudia and I will be popping back up to the site at lunch time, but one fears for today's progress. We've been so damn lucky with the weather throughout the project so far, that we've started to take clear blue skies for granted. It's simply been the most beautiful Autumn I've ever known, which begins to make up for the grotty August we had to put up with. Still, one imagines there's enough water falling down today to faze a fish. Hope those construction workers have been allocated scuba-diving equipment.

On the bright side, we can assume those super-duper Huf Haus people made some more hay whilst the sun shone yesterday afternoon. Not sure how much more structure they could have added by sunset, but going on what they accomplished by 1pm (when those photos were taken) I'm tempted to expect a hell of a lot.

Shall report back later.

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