Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One week delay

Just heard from Herr Arkitekt (he of the bow-tie) that the delivery of our house will be delayed by a week, so we can expect it the week after next, i.e. week 47. He was very surprised we'd not been informed about this by Huf Haus. Very surprised.


The jury's still out whether this one week delay was something agreed ages ago by Herr Arkitekt and those nice people at Huf Haus, or whether this is indeed a last minute delay due to scheduling problems at the factory. Furthermore, one wonders whether the 'informing' was something that Huf Haus should have done, or something that Herr Arkitekt was supposed to have done. Oh, what the hell. I'm pretty sure it's not worth the energy to find out.

I guess most building projects are subject to slippages of a month or three, so an extra week won't kill us. We'll just have to keep the champagne on ice just that little bit longer.

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