Monday, November 06, 2006

A little more progress

A little more progress to report. About two thirds of the great big heap of earth and stones left over from the original excavations has now been placed into the gaps around the Keller walls. Obviously the water management system had been completed, and the concrete had cured enough, so back in it went.

Claudia and I could finally stand safely on the roof of our Keller and get some sort of realistic feeling for how the view from our Huf Haus will be. Previous attempts had been foiled by (a) the whopping big slag heap smack in the middle of our view and (b) mild attacks of vertigo, as the holes around the Keller walls really were quite deep.

(continued below...)

And the view? None too shabby at all. And in fact it can only get better as the left over dirt pile's still a bit in the way towards the right of the view. Oh, and the roof of the Keller is still a little lower than what will be the true ground floor level of the interior of our house. By the time heating pipes and wooden parquet floor's been put down we should be a bit higher. The jury's still out on just how much higher it'll be. Probably there in black and white on some plan or other, so I'll try and find time to look it up and report back.

We were also quite impressed at the size and quantity of whopping big rocks that they dug out of our land. As stated previously, some rather impressive glaciers wandered through this area during the last ice-age, and said rocks and earth were dumped during the thawing. Some of the rocks have already been promised to nice-neighbour-in-small-house to help shore up the corner of his garden, but we'll put the rest of 'em to good use shoring up ours.

Our house arrives next week, so until then we're a bit in limbo. Shall probably think of some other aspect of Huf Haus design to wax lyrical about to keep my hand in this Blogging business.

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