Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 4 build - Finito Benito

Yes, Huf Haus were true to their words: the dark grey tiles had arrived from Germany by lunch time today. In fact, the poor sod who had driven the red tiles down had returned straight to Hartenfels, grabbed a three winks, then driven back down to Switzerland. We're talking about 1,500km round trip. He looked a bit shaky, but smug. Looks like the bar he runs in his truck cab didn't open last night.

I have a new hero.

The chaps had laid out loads of tiles hither and thither on the roof prior to starting the final race to get 'em firmly nailed on before sunset. As ever, the indifference to the yawning chasms left and right of these bods when hopping about the roof left me well impressed... and a tad dizzy.

And then? Well, after the tiles are on, these blokes are done and dusted. Off they jolly well go back to Germany. And then the interior Huf Haus blokes arrive, probably next Monday. Well, that's my assumption, because these people work to their own efficient timetable, and the loikes o' me can only bugger it up.

And the meeting with the Gemeinde bloke? Well, it went very well indeed. The minimum elevation of the drive way is actually dictated by the whopping big water pipe wot irrigates the whole village, and yer wouldn't want to get too close to it, or it'll freeze solid in winter. Ahhh... and we city types prefer our water in liquid form, so I suppose we have a vested interest. After an hour or so in deep discussion (in Swiss German) I gathered that an accord had been reached. Lots of nods, grins and hand-shakes.

So that's probably all right then.

(continues below...)

We were right to be optimistic regarding completion by sunset. By close of business Thursday evening, the tiles were on and all construction completed. The Huf Haus worker bees then loaded all their equipment onto their trucks, locked the house up, hid the keys under the metaphorical door mat, and orf they jolly well went back to Deutschland for a well earned rest. One hopes.

Four days, from start to finish.

We all know a Huf Haus is built in only a few days, 'cos that's their reputation, right? But all I can say is that you've really got to be there to see the transformation taking place. It's an amazing experience. I'm shaking my head with wonder as I rattle this keyboard in front of me.


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